Toby says, December 16, 2020

There is a lot being discussed about the benefits of play – the needs of the child and the benefits to overall development.

For now I will look at the pros and cons of play for a toddler (0-3Yrs) for his natural and fulfilled development.

Toddlers change and develop more than at any other time of their lives. Their brains are constantly growing and making connections based on what they see and do.

Play can certainly fulfill and give chance for development, but to optimize their chance to develop to their potential Montessori created an environment where the child has more freedom to explore and learn unaided. Montessori gives children a guide on how to behave, how to interact with others and how to foster focus, concentration and refined skills needed to move forward successfully.

We do smart

Toddlers need lots of repetition in their play (to fulfill and refine their interests and skills) and also exposure to new and varied experiences to help them start to make sense of the world they are exploring. Classes and their daily schedule should offer these two important factors for the child.

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They need :

Time to explore

Time to listen

Time to think before actions

Time to build hand dexterity

Time to experience new things in a safe environment

Time to watch

Time to repeat

Time to achieve by themselves

Time is the key here

Time and an understanding of what children need to develop successfully.

Our Montessori Toddler classes cover all aspects of a childs’ inner needs and allows the childs’ carers to understand more about How, Why and When children need attention and guidance and how to provide a suitable environment and build a positive relationship with them.

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Mr Toby

Mr. Toby has been the Director of Elton Education since 2005. He found Kids Channel Montessori in 2002 and spends his time teaching kids, parents and teachers about the Montessori philosophy.



0-3歲和3-6歲的生命週期對兒童成長和健康發展至為重要 Toby says, July 26, 2021 在過去一年,對我們所有人來說都是艱難的一年,但從教育角度來看,不幸的是,這破壞性將會在幾年後出現。 0-3歲和3-6歲的生命週期對兒童成長和健康發展至為重要。在線課程看似是新的常態,這當然對某些中小學有好處,但對幼兒和幼稚園來說,通過在線學習缺乏關鍵的效果。在線課程根本沒有給正在成長的孩子提供他所需要的東西。  社會技能,語言,精細和粗略的運動技能,邏輯推理,專注力和成長都在0-3歲和3-6歲的發展中處於前列。如果孩子一旦錯過這重要時刻,他們的自然學習能力就會減弱。對未來教育將做成不良的後果,這可能令許多人感到驚訝 – 但這確實會發生的!  所有0-5歲的孩子在這年都經歷巨大的變化,許多孩子上不到100天學校的課,就被停課,與社交活動隔離並改為線上學習。這變成理所當然,但對成長中的孩子幫助不大及沒有好處! 幼兒的變化和發展比他們一生中任何時候為多。他們的大腦在不斷成長,並根據自己的見解和行為建立聯繫。遊戲遊戲固然可以充實並為他們提供發展的機會,但要最有利地利用他們的發展潛力,蒙特梭利創造了一個環境,使孩子有更大的空間進行探索和學習的自由。蒙特梭利教給孩子們如何做事,怎樣與他人互動及培養所需的專注力和精緻技巧的指南。 傳統的遊戲小組無法提供孩子探索環境和需求技能,這個年齡階段的孩子變化如此之快,興趣和內在的發展如此多樣化。蒙特梭利針對孩子在這些成長時期,設計了許多活動和合適的環境,以供探索和實踐,並發揮其最大潛力所需的技能。 幼兒需要在遊戲中重複多次以實踐並完善他們的興趣和技能,並需要接觸新的變化歷程,以幫助他們理解所探索的世界。上課及每日時間表應為孩子提供這兩個重要因素。    他們需要 : 探索的時間 聆聽的時間 行動前思考的時間 鍛煉肢體靈巧的時間 在安全環境中體驗新事物的時間 觀察的時間 重複的時間

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