Toodler 0-3 years old


September 2020

0-3 is such an important time of development for numerous reasons. The child moves from completely helpless and passive to independent and active. Montessori discovered many sensitive periods during this time and based a great deal of her early years philosophy on these periods of intense concentration and development.

Simply put – they are periods of a childs’ development when they are drawn to or experience a need to repeatedly engage in an activity. His actions fulfill inner developmental goals, we as adults can often find hard to appreciate. The danger with these sensitive periods is that they have a timeframe and if not met fully by their actions and experience, the child moves on regardless of how refined the particular skill or need has been developed. Thus the opportunity for unbelievably fast and confident development has been lost.

Toddlers class

Montessori devised numerous activities and a suitable environment for these periods to be explored and fulfilled.

Children of this age change so fast and have such diverse interests and internal goals

that a traditional playgroup offers little to allow the children to explore their environment and needs, with the skills needed to maximize their potential.

At Kids Channel we understand the importance of Montessori’s findings (which are backed up by up to date scientific study) and have devised a fantastic course which offers opportunities in all areas. Kids need time at this age to explore and ‘play’  –  if you can help them build focus / interest / concentration and a mastery of their fine and gross motor skills – they are primed for all their future learning. A strong foundation is the basis for any growth, be it a building , a tree or a child. Remember 0-3 is such a prolific time of development – it is easily wasted – but also easily enhanced.


Mr Toby

Mr Toby 自2005年以來一直擔任Elton Education的總監。他於2002年創立了Kids Channel Montessori,一直用心教導孩子、父母和老師有關蒙特梭利哲學的知識。

That’s why we are here to start the journey with you, to build a strong foundation with your child.

We are looking forward to seeing you here.

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