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December 2020

The past year has been a hard one for us all, but from an educational point of view it has been even more damaging. Unfortunately the proof will only be seen a few years down the road. The periods of life from 0-3 and 3-6 years are fundamental to healthy development and the opportunities for growth. The new normal seems to be online classes, which of course have merit for some Primary and Secondary school teaching, but for Toddlers and KG Kids, the effects of learning through online lessons are lacking in many crucial areas. They simply do not give the developing child what he needs.

Social skills, language, fine and gross motor skills, logical reasoning, focus, concentration and opportunities for growth are all at the forefront of development for 0-3 and 3-6 year olds. Once the opportunity for growth and refinement is lost, the natural learning abilities of the child are diminished. The results of the last years education failure will be seen in the next few years and it may come as a surprise to many – But it really shouldn’t!

In a year where there is monumental change and growth for all 0-5 year olds, many children received around 100 days of school followed by lockdowns, isolation from social activities and the new normal of Zoom. None of which is conducive or matching with what they need… Just because something becomes ‘normal’ doesn’t mean it is good for you!!

At Kids Channel we have designed a number of options to help with the issues outlined above.

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Parents and Carers
- Montessori and child Development Training

We will go through the Montessori Philosophy and the basics of Child Development – We will look at how you can easily implement ideas and practices into your daily lives. The course will help explain the complexities and needs of the child and how best to engage and help his natural developmental urges. With a household all understanding and following the same philosophy, your child will have less barriers to success and more opportunities to thrive. Sessions can be held in our Centre or your homes.

Montessori Activities and Materials.
Philosophy and Practical Training

We have put two sets of Materials together perfect for Toddlers and KG kids. The sets cover the 4 main areas of Practical Life, Sensorial Education, Language and Maths. We will train your household of primary carers how to use them and WHY. At this age Toddlers change so quickly and it’s more about how they do things rather than what they do. Gain a real understanding of what your child truly needs and become your child’s favourite teacher !! Arm yourself with the knowledge of Montessori. Simply the best start for your child and a way to bond and learn together. Montessori Education works so well because it is based on what children NEED to develop their full potential. 

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Montessori work time

Home POD Schooling

Our experienced teachers can deliver Montessori to you!! Our classes are 2 hours long and suitable for 3-6 children from 14 Months to 6 Years old. We have many options available and can offer a real alternative to Playgroups/Pre Nursery and KG Classes. All tried and tested in Kids Channel over the past 18 Years! Don’t let the learning stop – call us for more info and to see how we can make a real difference to your childs’ future! All our courses are designed to build the child’s foundations for all their future learning. Once they have built this strong, confident, structured understanding of their surroundings, they are prepared and capable of succeeding not only at their academic studies, but at all aspects of their life.

It is hard to stress enough how fundamentally important this age is for a healthy future, and it will be very interesting to see the effects in the coming years. In the mean time we will continue to find the best Educational solutions for your children.😊


Mr Toby

Mr Toby 自2005年以來一直擔任Elton Education的總監。他於2002年創立了Kids Channel Montessori,一直用心教導孩子、父母和老師有關蒙特梭利哲學的知識。

That’s why we are here to start the journey with you, to build a strong foundation with your child.

We are looking forward to seeing you here.

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