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IB Primary English Key stage 1/2/3

Our primary classes are based on project based learning. We discuss, read and discuss some more to gain a deeper understanding of the world we live in. We cover Geography, History, Science, English and Maths to build a well rounded view of the world around us. This process gives chance for collaboration as well as individual work time. The 3 and 4 hour lessons give plenty of time for improving language naturally, without rote learning. Our approach develops students’ understanding of the language and the world and gives them the confidence and ability to communicate confidently in an all-English environment. (And have interesting things to talk about!)
Most of our kids climb to the top of their class after working with us!


With over 20 years Experience in Montessori Teaching, we understand the stages of development and the needs of your child. Our Courses are all designed with the individual child in mind. Our kids move forward with confidence, understanding and enthusiasm. The Montessori Method works so well because of this deep understanding and focus on the individual. Give your child the best start for all their future learning.

Enrolment is accepted anytime. Confirmation of registration will be sent upon payment of course fee, you can send your payslip with whatsapp or email to info@kidschannel.com.hk

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