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Montessori English Kindergarten Class

Our Kindergarten classes build on the skills of the individual child and move them forward at their own pace.. Our main objective is to prepare your child for their future learning. We build interest in the world through motivating and challenging themes and activities. The children are exposed to reading, writing, listening, speaking and numbers, all in English.

Learning skills are promoted through interesting activities with close supervision from the teacher. Over time each child will gain great confidence when using the English language. Any developmental issues or learning difficulties will be highlighted by the teacher for further consideration and action.


With over 20 years Experience in Montessori Teaching, we understand the stages of development and the needs of your child. Our Courses are all designed with the individual child in mind. Our kids move forward with confidence, understanding and enthusiasm. The Montessori Method works so well because of this deep understanding and focus on the individual. Give your child the best start for all their future learning.

Enrolment is accepted anytime. Confirmation of registration will be sent upon payment of course fee, you can send your payslip with whatsapp or email to

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KC Website bar 2 Kids Channel Montessori Child Development Centre

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