This series of Videos has been designed to guide your child from understanding the basic 26 sounds to reading with fluency and confidence.

Each stage moves from simple to complex – offering your child the chance to learn at his own pace and practice each separate skill before moving forward.

The 1st Stage

We introduce the basic 26 sounds and promote reading and writing in a simple yet accelerated way By the end of Series 1 – Your child will already be reading hundreds of words! Their vocabulary will be growing and they will embrace their learning journey – becomes it comes so easily and they are in control. If for any reason they stumble with most important foundation stage. We have you covered with extra help, revision and support . The series ends with an online ‘test’ – once passed you can be sure they are ready for Series 2.

THE  2nd Stage

This naturally builds upon the first and introduces consonant blends, sight words and more writing practice. Most Vocabulary in this series follow phonetic rules with short vowels, but are four to eight letters in length. The Videos follow a simple to complex strategy and are fun to watch again and again to consolidate understanding. Again we end with an online ‘test’ and once passed the child will be ready and motivated to begin Series 3.

The 3rd Stage

The Green Series is the 3rd and last stage and is the largest. The 3rd Stage is where a child becomes fluent in reading everything. It contains all the major phonemes, digraphs, hard, soft, and silent letters used in the English Language. The videos move forward in complexity and by the end  of series 3 your child will be reading with confidence and fluency.

Montessori Literacy programs have been producing generations of fluent readers.

Of course children will benefit from your interest and attention – but the whole course is designed for them to begin  by themselves and master Literacy through self-learning – The Montessori way.

Learning to read in a smooth, fun, yet accelerated way will gift your child a true love of reading and the self-esteem and confidence to achieve anything.

Your child will watch the videos with a smile on his face and will find reading becomes a natural and easy process for him.