Kids Channel Learning Packs

Each month your child will receive phonics videos, Themed videos, Stories and Songs and episodes of Unbelievable News – The quiz show about amazing facts! All the videos are aligned with EYFS and Key stage 1 UK Curriculum and are designed to introduce various subjects and build a deeper understanding of the world.

By the end of either course, your child will be a proven self-learner, with advanced reading skills and a natural interest about the world around him.

Our phonics course moves from the very basic first sounds we learn to confidently reading with fluency and understanding. The course is split into 3 stages, with regular quizzes to check understanding and progress. The course is split into 15 or 30 months depending on age, 1st or 2nd language learners and the child’s interest and willingness to learn English.

Older native speakers (4+) would be more suited to the 15-month package, while younger learners (2-3 years) and 2nd language learners would benefit from the 30-month package.

The first stage of our series introduces and reviews the 26 basic sounds. We then move straight into reading.

CVC words are decoded to build confidence and refine blending skills, whilst building a larger vocabulary bank. This is the shortest of the 3 stages – but the most important. A strong and deep understanding is needed for all that follows and with regular quizzes – you can be sure your child is ready before moving on.

The first stage is designed from simple to complex and each month your child will receive 2  (30 Month Package) or 4  (15 Month Package) new Phonics videos. Along with new Themes, Unbelievable News and Stories and Song Videos – your child is embarking on much more than a basic phonics course. They will be exposed to language in a way that enables them to learn it, use it and express themselves in many different topics and areas.

The second stage of our phonics course builds upon the first and should only be introduced to the child after they are confident with stage 1 and can read CVC words

with some speed and understanding. A solid foundation is the key to success in the 2nd Stage, where the child is introduced to letter blends and longer words (but still 1 syllable words)

 The order of the 2nd stage is set up so that the child builds upon his skills, and can challenge himself as he works through the videos. As he progresses he should be confident with all that has gone before. To succeed, they must rely on their knowledge of the phonetic sounds. The 2nd stage contain new words that the child may not have been exposed to before.

The 3rd Stage of the course provides the child with the knowledge to read naturally and fluently by themselves.

They learn the remaining sounds that two or more letters can make, and are introduced to new vocabulary. They build the skills needed to tackle unseen words with confidence and understanding, so that they can begin reading for learning and pleasure without any obstacles in their way.