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We are a Montessori based learning centre which emphasizes English Language development while providing children with the opportunities for new experiences and personal development. We offer a balanced yet accelerated educational experience for your children. We provide your child with a focused learning environment where they are enabled to develop socially, emotionally, physically and academically. 

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Online Video

Our videos are planned and produced to engage children’s innate curiosity. Each video builds vocabulary and phonetic awareness whilst maintaining a fun and relexed atmosphere……

Montessori English + Maths Kindergarten Class

English for Kindergarten. Our main objective is to prepare your child for their future learning. We build skills and interest in the world through motivating and challenging themes and activities. The children are exposed to reading, writing, listening, speaking and numbers, all in English.

IB Primary English
Key stage
1 / 2 / 3

Incorporates real-life topics, so as to improve their language naturally and arouse an interest in exploring the world using English. We use interesting themes when teaching both vocabulary and sentence structure with personalised support for students on setting short and long term goals. The main aim of each session is to use English in a natural way whilst learning History, Science and Geography. A Student who is interested in the world around him will be well prepared for his future learning.

New School Year 2022-23

Limited Space for Kindergarten

Full of Learning and Fun Activities. Courses are planned and delivered to build and strengthen each child’s academic, emotional and social growth. With 2 – 4 hours classes, we have the time and experience to give your child what they need to grow into confident, interested and resourceful individuals.

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The Montessori Development Continuum

Montessori education is a flow experience, it builds on the continuing self-construction of the child – daily, weekly, yearly – for the duration of the program. Although Montessori schools are divided into multi-age classrooms – parent infant (ages 0-3), preschool (ages 3-6), lower and upper elementary (ages 6-9 and 9-12)…. – the prepared environments introduce an uninterrupted series of learning passages, a continuum.

The prepared environments described in this section, along with their physical dimensions, desired outcomes, and documented results, carefully reflect the natural learning characteristics of the child at each stage of development.


Kindergarten: Tuesday & Thursday 2:00-4:00 / 4:00-6:00, SATURDAY 10:00-1:00
Primary / GCSE: Wednesday & Friday 3:00-6:00

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